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Internationality is an integral part of research in a global environment with fast-moving data. In this respect, the knowledge and learning capabilities of individuals play a central role in the innovation processes of organisations. The support of personnel mobility facilitates the transfer of knowledge and technology. The promotion of mobility strongly contributes to national and industrial competitiveness, while strengthening and exploiting the science base at the same time.

Job Offer

This section offers a list of available positions at different CellPROM partner institutions to registered researchers.

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Furthermore, the database offers researchers, whatever their age, nationality or level of experience, the opportunity to add their CVs to the CellPROM Mobility & Training Platform and in this way it provides a structured and confidential way of showing the CVs to registered CellPROM partner institutions.

Registration Process

Create an account to post your CV and gain access to the Mobility & Training Platform. A researcher must first complete the online registration form; this information is then verified. Please note that it may take a few days for your application to be approved and to appear on the platform. Upon verification approval, an email is sent to the researcher with the personalised ID and the password.

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