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Title:MSc Nanotechnology
Date:n.a. - n.a.
Location:University of Twente, The Netherlands
Organiser:Faculty of Science and Technology
Deadline for registration:n.a.
Activity type:Seminar
Brief summary:An interdisciplinary approach has been chosen in setting up this Master program. This means, that four different subfields within the field of nanotechnology have been identified, along which the program of the master is organized: nanophysics, nanochemistry, nanobio and nanoengineering. To become a nanotechnologist one has to attain knowledge and expertise in each one of these subfields and must be able to combine/integrate these in order to solve a research question. Furthermore the Master will emphasize on three different aspects: 1) fabrication of nanosystems, 2) design of functional nanosystems, 3) means to characterise nanosystems on all relevant levels (ranging from materials characterisation to performance characterisation of the functional nanosystem). Besides specific expertise, general aspects of academic training (planning, managing and reporting research, societal matters) will be addressed.
Contact details:University of Twente, Master ‘s Programme of Nanotechnology, Director of Education, Dr. C.L.M. Pouw, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands, e-mail:, phone: + 31 53 489 3749


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